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FunGramKB Suite

FunGramKB Suite is a user-friendly environment for the semiautomatic construction of FunGramKB, a multipurpose lexico-conceptual knowledge base for natural language processing (NLP) systems.

FunGramKB is multipurpose in the sense that it is both multifunctional and multilingual. In other words, FunGramKB can be reused in various NLP tasks (e.g. information retrieval and extraction, machine translation, dialogue-based systems, etc) and with several natural languages.


NAVIGATOR (registration required)

The FunGramKB NAVIGATOR allows the user to retrieve data from the lexical entries in the English Lexicon (e.g. morphosyntactic, pragmatic and collocational information) and from the conceptual entries in the Core Ontology (e.g. thematic frame, meaning postulate etc). FunGramKB has been designed to be used in NLP tasks.


DEXTER (registration required)

DEXTER has been developed as an online multilingual workbench which is provided with a suite of tools for (a) the compilation and management of small- and medium-sized corpora, (b) the indexation and retrieval of documents, (c) the elaboration of queries by means of regular expressions, (d) the exploration of the corpus, and (e) the identification and extraction of term candidates (i.e. unigrams, bigrams and trigrams).